Deep within the Manistee National Forest, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, the secluded logging village of Walkerville, Michigan is thrust into a nightmare as locals start disappearing, only to have their bodies, or body parts, found; naked, pale, and with deep patches of flesh seemingly ripped out of them where there once were tattoos. The local sheriff and deputies must enlist the help of Captain Parker and the Grand Rapids Homicide Department. While interviewing Syndi, the most beautiful woman in Walkerville, Captain Parker vows to keep her safe... but can he keep his promise? The villages sheriff and Captain Parker desperately try to work together on the bizarre cases in their own distinctive ways, to find the person or persons responsible for the grisly murders before other unfortunate villagers suffer the same fate.

It will keep you on your toes until the end. Even when you think you know who is behind it all you find out that you don't know everything just yet! If you haven't read the book you need to!!


I finished reading the book in two days. Unlike a lot of other authors who go into long details into absolutely nothing relevant, this book does not do that. Therefore I found myself wanting to finish reading the book as quickly as possible to find out who the killer was. This book was definitely worth downloading on my Kindle and I will tell my friends and family who like to read about it.


Tattoo: A Beautiful Sin

©2012 Kenny Sills

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